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Do you experience neck or back pain, herniated or bulging disc, sciatica, or scoliosis? Discover how you can avoid surgery and live drug-free with lasting relief from chronic and acute pain.


Peripheral Neuropathy can affect every aspect of your existence, lowering your quality of life. However, with low-level laser light therapy, we have been able to change our patient’s lives!

How does it work?

This pulsed infrared light therapy uses light to stimulate tissue repair, reversing nerve damage. Utilizing the standard wavelengths of Red (650 nm) and Infrared (880 nm), this technology has been shown to increase peripheral sensation in patients and significantly improves peripheral protective sensation. Also, it improves peripheral neuropathies by improving foot perfusion (blood circulation) by stimulating nitric oxide production. Using this latest technological advance, neuropathy pain is reduced or even eliminated, especially when combined with specific nonsurgical, non-invasive relaxing re-integration, and stimulation of peripheral nerves to increase their function quickly. Our Low-Level Laser Light Therapy protocols include manual stimulation of the nerves in the legs and feet, stripping of the muscles in the legs and feet, the use of the low-level laser light treatment, that delivers a red and infrared pulsing, healing light, and the use of a vibration platform.


What are the benefits?

See what others are saying about Dr. Lininger’s Neuropathy Program!

Our treatment is designed for patients to receive relief and long-lasting results. We provide services such as screenings, adjustments, exercise, and massage to help patients who are dealing with chronic pain. All of our treatments are specifically for each patients health needs. Our specialists will locate the area of discomfort and perform adjustments that will relieve the area. If you are living with muscle aches, shooting pain, inflexibility, or limited range of motion contact our offices immediately or schedule an appointment. We believe every person should not have to live in discomfort and live their lives with full control.

“I’m Very Happy!”

Meet Diane: After completing only half of the Neuropathy program at Manassas Chiropractic & Rehab – about 10 sessions or so, over a few weeks – Diane is already very happy with her experience. Being someone who suffers with Type 2 Diabetes, Diane was experiencing the foot pain that many people in her situation come by. It began to affect her life to the point that she saw a doctor – one who prescribed drugs. She knew others who had gone through similar treatment by prescription medication and found their side effects to be something she didn’t want to go through. Diane made the choice to try neuropathy treatment with us and since then, she has seen a 38% improvement in her scores as well as less sleep interruption. While she still feels some pain – the treatment hasn’t been completed yet – she notes a “big improvement” and the pain she had isn’t like before, and is far less constant.

“You Won’t Be Sorry!”

Meet Steve: Before answering a newspaper ad and coming to Manassas Chiropractic & Rehab, Steve knew only pain. His feet and legs gave him shooting pains; he experienced cramps, numbness and the feeling of pins and needles in his feet and legs, and he was losing sleep night after night. As Steve puts it, it was “ruining his quality of life.” After just 2 months of neuropathy with us, Steve feels the change. He describes feelings of added energy. He stands, walks, and moves like he once did and his loved ones are noting the change in him. He still feels the small pains but he wants to DO things again. Steve had tried medications and they made him feel lethargic, he had dosing issues, nothing worked. In contrast, Steve says therapy works for him. He says, if you can afford it and you can do it – do it. “You won’t be sorry!”

“My Life is So Much Better!”

Meet Shirley: Like Diane, Shirley has made it halfway through her neuropathy treatment and has been to around 10 sessions with Dr. Lininger. Before she began, Shirley’s pain in her right leg and foot was – as she puts it – “excruciating.” She has now seen a subsiding in that pain. She walks, stands, and does everything she once loved to do. Shirley says she can drive more, like before. As Shirley says “My life is so much better.” She recommends trying the treatment. To the skeptics, Shirley says to just try it.

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